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From Small-Town Athlete to Olympic Hopeful: A Q&A With Ronnie Baker

Updated: Jan 14

Originally published for Performance Kitchen

Our Brand Ambassador Ronnie Baker is an inspiration. Growing up in Anchorage, AK, Ronnie now holds the record for third-fastest man in the history of the 60m sprint and was ranked second in the world for the 100m in 2018. In college, he decided he wanted to compete in the Olympics. Fast forward three years and he is now an Olympic hopeful preparing for the Olympics in 2021. Ronnie sat down with us to talk about perseverance, motivation, and how to achieve your dreams.

Once you realized you wanted to go to the Olympics, what changed? My mentality changed more than anything. My goal went from winning a college championship to winning something that has a much larger platform. I was already training hard and had my routines down which helped to elevate me above my competition at the college level. One thing I credit to winning two NCAA titles is that I took my routines seriously.

What are some of those routines that you credit to your success? Some routines that I credit to my success would be staying consistent on making sure I have a massage and body work every week while training. I also do a lot of maintenance work before and after practice, like biking and foam rolling, stretching and rehab exercises for prevention of injury. Nutrition is a huge routine that has helped me to perform at the highest level and achieve success. I stick to a regiment when I’m in season, doing my best to put good quality food into my body. Performance Kitchen this year will help with that a lot, which I’m super excited about, because the meals will help me keep my routine in check with good quality meals that are quick and easy to eat.

What helped you get to where you are? I showed up every day with a positive attitude and big dreams with a burning desire and faith that I would achieve my goals. I had daily discipline in the small things which has allowed me to achieve a higher level of success.

In order to be successful, it is important to be adaptable. How have you adapted your lifestyle due to the COVID-19 pandemic? I have been working out at a local park since the tracks have been closed, as well as doing a lot of stretching and taking care of myself from home. Things like foam rolling, eating proper meals, and meditation have helped keep me healthy while training during this interesting time.

How do you stay motivated? I stay motivated by realizing I can give a better life to my family as well as my future family. In simple terms, I have a “why” and that is to motivate young people, specifically young males who are like me, so they can reach their potential and be all they are meant to be.

What advice would you give to someone starting out their career about goal setting? Dream big. Keep your goals out in front of you, make your goals attainable, and have someone you trust as your accountability partner who will help hold you to the things that will help you reach those goals.

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