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A professional headshot photo of Carli Van Stolk.


Hi! I'm Carli. I'm a freelance content and SEO consultant with a proven track record of driving tangible results.

Want more qualified traffic? A content analysis? Tips to improve your blog for search? With a roster of clients like Semrush and Mercedes-Benz, along with experience crafting strategies for dozens of brands, I know what it takes to elevate your content.



Taking your unique needs into consideration, I prepare extensive digital strategies to optimize your brand.


Need help managing your blog? Updating your website? Running your social media? I've got you covered.


Organic search is my passion! I love finding new ways to help you rank higher and gain qualified traffic.


Shannon Emmerson, Founder/CEO, Forge & Spark Media

“Carli is a smart, strategic thinker with content production chops and a positive, can-do attitude that I am so very grateful for. She has supported my content agency with audits, strategies, planning and production, and reporting and analysis for several clients in different verticals, consistently showing that she can do just about anything that's put in front of her—and that she can do it well. She's also insanely sweet, kind and a wonderful human—a delight to work with through and through."


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